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Stash-N-Grabs are scavenger hunts where you follow our directions to find a stash of goodies!


The premise is that if you find our cards in your city, the likelihood is, you've got a Stash-N-Grab happening, or that recently took place. 


The cards allow you access to join the hunt by granting you direct use to our menu, website, and services. 


When we plan a Stash-N-Grab, we will mention it on our Telegram channel.  In order to participate you'll have to choose to be notified by updates to our blog, where scavenger hunt videos, descriptions, and winners will be posted!



We've done these hunts so far in Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana,  North Carolina, Missouri, & Alabama, & we cannot wait to do it all over again in new and unfamiliar places!


Keep an eye out!


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